Welcome to jf’s documentation!

JF, aka “jndex fingers” or more commonly “json filter pipeline”, is a jq-clone written in python. It supports evaluation of python one-liners, making it especially appealing for data scientists who are used to working with python.

Getting started

To get started, install jf

pip install jf

Basic usage

Filter selected fields

$ cat samples.jsonl | jf 'map({id: x.id, subject: x.fields.subject})'
{"id": "87086895", "subject": "Swedish children stories"}
{"id": "87114792", "subject": "New Finnish storybooks"}

To really get started using JF, start with the User Guide.

For examples onf how you might use JF with your own data, check out the Examples.

For detailed information about specific JF components, consult the module specs.

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